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Get Fit to Golf can fix your swing

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golf stance
It is essential to maintain the proper setup and posture at the beginning of your swing and as you swing the club. If you haven't got good balance you cannot maintain your correct spine angle and thus a swing fault will develop. When you take your setup it is essential that you have good balance. Weight should be evenly distributed on the balls of your feet. The main cause of poor balance is biomechanical faults and muscle weakness of the lower back, hips, and lower extremities.

If you have pronation in your foot (flat feet) or weak calf muscles you will struggle. This can also cause hip, lower back and knee complaints. Check your foot drop to see if you might need orthotics (see Foot Drop Test for Flat Feet below).

Balance Exercise
The following balance exercise must be done very carefully and with the assistance of a friend to catch you or stabilise you if you loose your balance. For further safety, you may do the exercises near a wall (or tree if you are outdoors) within your hands reach, so you can use it to stabilise yourself if you loose your balance.

Place both your hands on your hip bones and bend one knee at 90 degrees lifting that ankle up behind you you, then slowly tip forward at your hips, while all the stabilising muscles in your hip / abdominal area must be contracted so as to support you. Direct your vision down at the floor so that you are approximately parallel to the ground and then hold the position for approximately 15 to 20 seconds if you can. Then extend the arms and the leg out straight again holding for 15 to 20 seconds. It should be easier to maintain your balance when your arms and leg are outstretched. Repeat all to your other side.

Note: If you can't maintain your balance for 15 seconds, start off with 5 to 10 seconds in the first few sessions and then try to maintain the balance for a few seconds longer once you become more competent. If you have prior leg, foot, ankle or hip injuries, please be careful or seek clearance from your doctor, chiropractor or medical physiologist before doing this exercise.

Please only proceed with this balance exercise as far as your comfortable maximum.

exercise step 1
exercise step 2
exercise step 3
exercise step 4
Start Position
Bend Knee
Balance Position 1
Balance Position 2



foot drop test
foot drop test

Assess the arch of the foot. The arch is the area indicated by red and green lines in the diagrams. The diagrams indicate that the right arch (red) is lower than the left arch (green) on this person. Look at the inside of the foot and see if you can slide two fingers in the arch. You should comfortably be able to do so, if not the arch is collapsed and we recommend orthotics to correct this. You should see your chiropractor or podiatrist.

About Othotics
Orthotics are inserts in your shoes that help correct your posture and muscle imbalances. Orthotics are created with a mold of your own foot and are tailor made to your own needs by compensating for your particular problems. Orthotics not only correct any problems in your feet but will also help correct related problem areas in your hips, back and neck, your centre of balance and your posture. You will find that you will notice a change in your swing once you start to wear your orthotics.

Note: Just keep in mind that sometimes wearing orthotics for the first time, it can take a few days or so to get used to them and your body might be sore in certain areas for a short period of time while your body adjusts to standing in a different position and posture.

We highly recommend Foot Balance (Australia) for providing you with customised orthotics.

Foot Balance
Unit 1 / 265 Harbord Rd
Dee Why NSW 2099
Phone: (02) 9907 4898

More infromation about flat feet, foot care and to find a podiatrist the USA visit

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NOTE: For a analysis of your body and swing and a customised exercise program to suite your individual needs >> CLICK HERE.


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