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Get Fit to Golf can fix your swing
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Get Fit to Golf can fix your swing

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Correct Your Swing the Right Way...
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A new Web site which promises to help improve a golfer¹s swing has been developed by Australian chiropractor Ronald Burke.

The site, uses the latest technological, medical and scientific techniques to help improve a golfer¹s swing. Mr Burke developed the site in consultation with golf professionals, fitness coaches, a team of chiropractors and Web site designers.

The software developed for the site categorises golf swing faults into seven major areas. Muscle imbalances, biomechanical faults and posture is diagnosed by the site to determine a golfer¹s swing fault. A customised exercise program which will improve your golf swing, general health and susceptibility to injury is produced by the software program to help improve individual problems.

More than 500 pages of data is provided on the site, which is divided into two main components. The first component includes general educational information for golfers about medical problems which can lead to a major swing fault.

The second component of the Web site is for members only. It involves a 30-minute general health survey which will design a program specifically unique to individual physical problems.

The custom software program analyses individual data to produce a major swing fault and an exercise program geared to correct any weakness. The program can be printed out for the customer¹s benefit. This component includes three fitness levels: novice, intermediate and advanced.

Each level targets individual problems whilst recognising that body changes are ongoing. Every three months a member client will be advised by email to reassess themselves.

Mr Burke said that if a golfer has a spinal problem or incorrect posture they will have a poor swing. "That¹s why I started this program. To help people understand why they¹re golf swing is imperfect", Mr Burke said. "If a person has poor posture or a muscle imbalance or some other biomechanical problem they won¹t be able to hit a golf ball square to a target and they will hook, slice, push or pull the ball"

"It doesn¹t matter how much a golfer spends on lessons or equipment if they have a fault in their spine they won¹t be able to swing the club properly".

Mr Burke said the Web site was designed to help golfers play better golf and to improve their health and fitness and prevent injury."The idea is for individuals to combine the diagnosis they receive from the site with lessons from professional golfers, exercise and other medical help, if that is needed." Mr Burke said that the site doesn¹t teach golfers how to hit a ball, it aims to show them where they are going wrong.

"There are a range of different problems which can affect a golf swing including displaced hips, muscle weakness, shoulder pain, spinal problems, arched feet, one leg shorter than the other, hunchback and back pain," he said. "All these problems restrict movement and will affect your golf swing.If your balance is out then your centre of gravity will be affected and so will your golf swing"



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