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Get Fit to Golf can fix your swing

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International College of Golf Biomechanics (ICGB) -
International College of Golf Biomechanics ICGBThe ICGB was developed to educate golf instructors online, in a user friendly format about the fundamentals of golf biomechanics and how to apply the knowledge and concepts to their teaching to provide a well rounded service to their clients.

To keep up to date with the most current concepts of golf biomechanics and kinetics that are vital in golf teaching, the International College of Golf Biomechanics offers courses that are simple to understand and the information is easy to implement and integrate into your teaching.

Currently the ICGB is offering an introductory course in golf biomechanics created by chiropractor and golf biomechanics specialist Ron Burke D.C,D.O. and his team of researchers... "The Fundamentals of Golf Biomechanics for the Golf Teaching Professional".

Get Fit to Golf - Golf Biomechanics Program -
Get Fit to Golf Biomechanics ProgramThis an automated online golf biomechanics analysis system that assesses posture, muscle imbalances and biomechanical faults affecting a golf swing and produces and tailor-made fitness program that focuses on and individuals personal biomechanical faults in order to balance the body, correct the physical faults and produce a more accurate and consistent swing. It is like having a personal chiropractor looking after your golf biomechanics 24/7. It is as simple as filling in a few questionnaires online that put together a detailed physical and golf profile and then it will find out what physical faults are the underlying causes of an individual's own golf faults. It is not a generalisation like most other programs, Get Fit to Golf actually pinpoints a persons' own physical faults, and in most cases the person isn't even aware of them.

Bad golf biomechanicsThe "ChiroFit" program is the resulting personalised fitness program based on the analysis results that is easy to follow and can be implemented with just 3x 30min sessions a week to achieve a noticeable results. For example. A person might have a problem with their left hamstring, the program will pick this up and devise a fitness program focusing on the left hamstring in order to get both sides of the body back into balance and create a more powerful, stable and consistent swing. Many books and programs give general exercises that are done on both sides of the body so the weak side will remain weaker than the other side.

The ICGB golf biomechanics course explains in the last module how the Get Fit to Golf system can be integrated into an instructor's lesson plan as a tool for assisting their students achieve the best results and minimising injuries by getting their body into peak biomechanical shape. The program is a low cost solution (just US$99) which is important during these hard economic times and regular visits to a chiropractor / health professional to diagnose and correct biomechanical faults on top of the cost of lessons could be out of reach for many people at the moment.

Nikki GarrettNikki Garrett
Nikki Garrett, One of Australia's leading Golf Professionals and patron of the Get Fit to Golf ChiroFit™ program, has recently been achieving some great results with Back-to-Back Ladies European Tour titles in May 2007 as well as becoming 2006 LET Rookie of the Year. Congratulations Nikki on your great golfing achievements.

Nikki has recently stated that "Get fit to Golf helped me achieve my goals through the ChiroFit Program. It analyzed my golf swing, posture and biomechanics and gave me a program to correct my physical faults and swing faults. It also helped me and my golf coach Darren Chivas take my game to the next level".

To find out more information about Nikki visit her web site...

To find out more about Get Fit to Golf and how this unique tailor-made swing biomechanics and correctional program can also help improve your swing just like it has for Nikki Garrett >>Click Here

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